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Note: As an Amazon Affiliate I may earn from qualifying purchases. There is/was no incentive to review these products…just simply items I have researched and/or purchased…and some even sent back. Just wanting to share my experience with you.

  • New Stuff…in trial pending full review…new purchase or considering buying.
    • Amazon Prime Day 2 (October 2023)
      • Bluetti AC300 & B300 Solar Generator
        • I bought this 2 months ago after extensive research and comparison shopping and have been VERY pleased. It is currently ~$1,000 OFF…-23% from just two months ago. There are LOTS of reviews out there, and I watched most of them, twice. And although I will eventually post my own summary comments, this is a good deal. I have started a page with some initial comments, but I recommend BUY NOW while on the PD2 sale price.
        • Buy now on Black Friday Deal:
        • Review Page:
    • Amazon Prime Day Generator Sales (July 2023)
    • Car Jump Starter with Air Compressor, 20000mAh Battery Booster –

      • Buy -Don’t drive with out one of these!

      • I have this and am pleased with it. There are a lot of options, but most importantly, this model is based on a Lithium Battery…so it is powerful, keeps a charge for a long time, and is small to store. Do NOT buy any product with a SLA battery…buy this.

    • Brother HL-L3210CW Color Laser Printer
      • Buy –  –
      • I have a similar version of this and have been pleased…very economical. I am hoping to get this Brother for my classroom.
    • Honeywell WIFI Smart Thermostat w/Alexa
      • Buy – – 
      • I bought two of these in 2015 when options were limited for WIFI SMART thermostats and Alexa was just starting to roll out. Since then, there are many brands a models. I still very much like our older model, and in a quick review, believe this model to compare favorably. I still do not like Nest, and Honeywell has since come out with Lyric and another model of SMART Thermostat that I feel are not as user friendly as this device. Honeywell has proven to be a good company in support, both product and app upgrades, and I would buy this exact model again. However, it is important to review your equipment needs, and review other online resources like a Consumer Report that may have put other units through hands on testing.
    • Solar NIMH Replacement Batteries
      • Buy –
      • These have been a good upgrade to the 2+ year old NIMH stock batteries that came with the lights. After several months of use, they are still performing better than the OEM batteries.
    • PowerXL Vortex Air Fryer
      • Buy – Just buy one…you’ll love it!
      • Initial Review – VERY positive. I bought another model initially (basket variety) and immediately did not like it for it’s obvious limitation. There are so MANY models of air fryers, so I really spent some time shopping various models in stores (Walmart, Sams and Best Buy as well as Amazon. The model I settled on, from PowerXL, with numerous sheeting options, has been very effective. As I continue to cook and expand with this item, I will develop a complete review. But at least initially, I have been enjoying this “gadget” a lot. My favorite thing so far is to simply reheat pizza to an even better state than “fresh” from the restaurant. Another favorite has been using the rotisserie option to make K-kabobs.
    • SENSARTE 12 Inch Nonstick, 5Qt Pan with Lid
      • Buy – Just do it! Excellent pan! Full price is $70, but frequently is discounted…current at $40…which is what I paid.
      • Full Review – coming soon
      • Initial Review – BEST Non-stick pan I have ever bought (and that is a bunch)
    • Echo Show Stand –
    • CO & Smoke Detector Combo 3 Pack

Landworks 7 HP Wood Chipper

BHyve Smart Water Controller

  • If your yard or plants get water when it rains, you need a SMART Water Controller. I have been very pleased with the B-Hyve SMART Water Controller System from Orbit. A SMART Wifi system also also adjusting to the seasons more easily from my phone for every watering device on my property.
    • Simple Backyard Watering System
      • Buy – Even if you only need 1 -3 zones, get the 4 zone. When you find out how easy it is to control your watering, you will quickly expand to more controlled water zones.
      • This is best over all simple setup. Get this new 4 zone WIFI controller. Connects to garden hoses…up and running in minimal amount of setup time.
      • This unit is an upgrade to the original Wifi Hose Timers…which were ok (I have 7 of them), but consume batteries very fast…and rechargeables do not work.
    • Complete Irrigation Control
      • For a semi-profession watering system with inline valves (above or below ground), you need the following…12 or 6 zone…plus valves.
        • Orbit B-hyve 12-Zone Smart Indoor/Outdoor Controller
          • Buy: – This is the one I got…best value. It replaced multiple 4 and 2 zone timers I had to run around and turn off if it was going to rain a lot.
        • Orbit 57946 6-Zone B-hyve Smart Indoor/Outdoor  WiFi Controller –
          • Buy: – great if you see no additional expansion to your watering needs. I intend to buy this one as well.
        • Inline Water Valve – 3/4
          • Buy – Enough for each line of irrigation up to the number of zones you have on your controller.
      • See the developing details of my Small Farm Irrigation Tips – With these Inline Valves, you are going to need some other items. Hopefully you know a little about plumbing. But, but if not, no worries, a few trips to Home Depot and you will be up and running.


Personal Space Heater by DreoSpace Heater

AEscod – Low Tech, Manual Heaters

  • ***DEAL Alert! 50% off 4/22/23 (was 30% Price Drop on 2/8/23)

Camera and Other Electronics

  • Alexa and AI Devices
    • I did not get on board with Alexa immediately. In fact, my first Alexa’s Device arrived as a White Elephant Christmas Present…and even that 6 months to find it’s way to getting used. However, since then, I have expanded from 1 to 8 LISTENING devices…and over 50 controlled circuits. Alexa Automation is not just a matter of being lazy and not wanting to get up and turning on/off a light. Many of our controlled circuits are in hard to reach places, where voice commands are not only practical, but essential. The routines and automation possible have become a welcome part of simplifying life. I have learned a few things, that I intend to publish at some point in a video tutorial. In the mean time, be advised ahead of time to give each device a unique name. For example, initially, I named quite a few devices with BARN as the first part of the name…i.e. Barn Field Lights, Barn Compressor, etc. When giving a command for Alexa to say Turn on the Barn Breezeway Fan, the system erred more than once on my STUTTER and not getting the last part of the name out of my mouth quick enough…and turning on every device with BARN at the front of the name. The solution has been to name each device uniquely. This is still not easy, but manageable now that I know what the solution is. What makes naming complicated is coming up with unique device names. In this one example of Barn Lights, I have NORTH Breezeway Lights, as well as SOUTH and Center, as well as Barn Loft Lights, Barn Field Lights, and Barn Chicken Lights, as well a bunch of other BARN devices. Regardless, the Automation of many systems has been a worth while experiment in GROWING with Technology.
    • Echo Dot  – – Get several for around the house (I have 6 including those in the garage and barn areas). Start adding AI Controlled Devices to simplify task around your house.
    • Echo Show  – Same as the Dot above, just has a screen. Good to get at least one of these for a table next to a chair, or bedside.
    • Wyze Products – Exceptional company, great products.
    • Smart Light Bulbs 
    • Light Switches
    • Smart Outlets
  • Eneloop Low Self Discharge Batteries
    • These are the ONLY batteries to buy. LSD Batteries have been around for a few years, with recent off name batteries emerging. You might save a few dollars on generic LSDs, but they will not last the same.
  • Phone Chargers
    • Yootech Wireless Charger Qi-Certified 10W Max Wireless Charging Stand  –
    • Buy – These have been a nice improvement to keeping phones charged.
  • Otterbox Cell Phone Case 13 Pro   14 Pro
  • Endoscope Dual-Lens, DEPSTECH 4.3″ IPS Screen Industrial Borescope
    • Buy This is a pretty cool item that allows peering into places not even possible with a cell phone.

Auto/RV, Misc, etc.

  • RV Hughes Autoformers PWD30-EPO Power Watchdog Smart Bluetooth Surge Protector Plus EPO with Auto Shutoff – 30 Amp Portable Version
    • Buy
    • Initial Review – Hard to say much about this. It appears to work, and I am glad to have it. I wish it had a little more info in the app, but it does what it says it does.
  • Fuel Transfer Pump – Don’t pour gas from a can again.
  • BlueDriver OBD2 Scanner – Although Auto Part stores will run a OBD2 Scan/Reset for you, usually, it requires a wait for a clerk to help. This tool is not only a time saver, but a great tool in an emergency. Modern cars disable many auto navigation systems if there is an alert, even if the alert is insignificant. Using this tool to clear an error will allow the safety features to remain on until you are able to get home and further diagnose the challenge. Buy TWO…and leave one in each car.
  • T-Post Puller
  • Reusable Zip Ties Variety Pack
  • Rocker Gliding Chair
    • Buy 
    • Review – Excellent chairs to have and tote around. THey are not designed to stay outdoors, but they fold up easy and are quite manageable with the middle handle along the back side. These were originally given to us as a gift, but I would buy myself if I didn’t already have some. If you don’t haave a set of these rockers for your outdoor activities, pick up a pair.
  • 4×4 Wheel Spacers fits EZGO Club Car Golf Cart


Stuff NOT to buy (DNB): Here are few items I bought after a fair amount of research and comparison shopping, and decided against keeping and returning.

  • Melnor Sprinkler – DNB –
  • Night Vision IR BinocularsDNB – See my why in my review here.
  • Stainless Steel Garden Hose in various lengths – MIXED Review…see NOTICE below.
    • Buy WITH NOTICE – 1 Feet, 6 Feet, 15 Feet, 20 feet, 30 feet
    • Initial Review – Excellent alternative to rubber or vinyl hoses.
    • NOTICE – Update: I have continued to use…and even buy additional SS Garden Hoses. In theory, no hose that sits out in the elements every day should be left under constant pressure. These hoses should only be used downstream of a brass splitter…or a timer.
    • Good product initially, but one of the 1′ hoses split internally…for no good reason other than extreme heat. I am currently testing an alternative product, but it has a challenge also.
    • In my case, the hose that BURST was in fact down stream of a timer. So, it was only flowing water when the timer was on…but the timer was set to come on during the day when I was gone. As a result, it was at least a few days before I discovered the break.

SUMMARY: Just buy it!! Except for the PENDING or DNB Review Sections, if I have an item listed on this page, or have a dedicated review page for a product, skip the consternation if you are in the market for a similar item, and just buy the one I did. YMMV, but I consider myself to be a pretty thorough shopper. I once had a friend buy a bed after seeing me arrive home with the same item. I said to the friend, “you aren’t going to shop around”? His reply was, “No, you already did that…and I trust you made a good decision.” He was correct. I had done a good bit of research for the purchase. I am not suggesting the following items are perfect, but you can bet I have researched the best I could the various options for each item. Note: as an Amazon Affiliate I may earn from qualifying purchases.

I hope you benefit from this Shoppers Advice Cool Stuff page I have created.