Cool Stuff to Buy

Product Reviews

  • New Stuff…pending full review…or considering buying.
    • Car Jump Starter with Air Compressor, 20000mAh Battery Booster – have this and am pleased with it. There are a lot of options, but most importantly, this is based on a Lithium Battery…so it is powerful, keeps a charge for a long time, and is small to store. Do NOT buy any product with a SLA battery…buy this.

    • Brother HL-L3210CW Color Laser Printer –  –  I have a similar version of this and have been pleased…very economical. I am hoping to get this Brother for my classroom.
    • Honeywell WIFI Smart Thermostat w/Alexa – 
      • I bought two of these in 2015 when options were limited for WIFI SMART thermostats and Alexa was just starting to roll out. Since then, there are many brands a models. I still very much like our older model, and in a quick review, believe this model to compare favorably. I still do not like Nest, and Honeywell has since come out with Lyric and another model of SMART Thermostat that I feel are not as user friendly as this device. Honeywell has proven to be a good company in support, both product and app upgrades, and I would buy this exact model again. However, it is important to review your equipment needs, and review other online resources like a Consumer Report that may have put other units through hands on testing.
    • Solar NIMH Replacement Batteries –
      • These have been a good upgrade to the 2+ year old NIMH stock batteries that came with the lights. After several months of use, they are still performing better than the OEM batteries.

Landworks 7 HP Wood Chipper

BHyve Smart Water Controller

  • If you your yard or plants get water when it rains, you need this. 
    • Orbit B-hyve 12-Zone Smart Indoor/Outdoor Controller Buy: – This is the one I got…best value. It replaced multiple 4 and 2 zone timers I had to run around and turn off if it was going to rain a lot. 
    • Orbit 57946 6-Zone B-hyve Smart Indoor/Outdoor  WiFi Controller – Buy: – great if you see no additional expansion to your watering needs. I intend to buy this one as well.
  • See the developing details of my Small Farm Irrigation Tips

Personal Space Heater by DreoSpace Heater

Camera and Other Electronics

  • Eneloop Low Self Discharge Batteries
    • These are the ONLY batteries to buy. LSD Batteries have been around for a few years, with recent off name batteries emerging. You might save a few dollars on generic LSDs, but they will not last the same.
  • Phone Chargers
    • Yootech Wireless Charger Qi-Certified 10W Max Wireless Charging Stand  – Buy it here: – These have been a nice improvement to keeping phones charged.
  • Endoscope Dual-Lens, DEPSTECH 4.3″ IPS Screen Industrial Borescope – Buy it here: This is a pretty cool item that allows peering into places not even possible with a cell phone.

Auto/RV, Misc, etc.

  • RV Hughes Autoformers PWD30-EPO Power Watchdog Smart Bluetooth Surge Protector Plus EPO with Auto Shutoff – 30 Amp Portable Version – Buy it here: – Hard to say much about this. It appears to work, and I am glad to have it. I wish it had a little more info in the app, but it does what it says it does.
  • Fuel Transfer Pump – Don’t pour gas from a can again.
  • T-Post Puller –
  • Reusable Zip Ties Variety Pack –


Stuff NOT to buy (DNB): Here are few items I bought after a fair amount of research and comparison shopping, and decided against keeping and returning.

  • Melnor Sprinkler – DNB – –
  • Stainless Steel Garden Hose in various lengths – Excellent alternative to rubber or vinyl hoses.
    • Good product initially, but INTERNAL hose split for no good reason other than extreme heat. I am currently testing an alternative product, but it has a challenge also.
    • 1 Feet
    • 6 Feet
    • 15 Feet  –
    • 20 feet

SUMMARY: Just buy it!! Except for the PENDING or DNB Review Sections, if I have it listed on this page, or have a dedicated review page for a product, skip the review. YMMV, but I consider myself to be a pretty thorough shopper. I once had a friend buy a bed after seeing me arrive home with the same item. I said to the friend, “you aren’t going to shop around”? His reply was, “No, you already did that…and I trust you made a good decision.” He was correct. I had done a good bit of research for the purchase. I am not suggesting the following items are perfect, but you can bet I have researched the best I could the various options for each item. Note: as an Amazon Affiliate I may earn from qualifying purchases.