Cool Stuff to Buy

Product Reviews

  • New Stuff…pending full review or considering buying
    • Car Jump Starter with Air Compressor, 20000mAh Battery Booster –– I have this and am pleased with it. There are a lot 

    • Brother HL-L3210CW Color Laser Printer –  –  I have a similar version of this and have been pleased…very economical. I am hoping to get this Brother for my classroom.
    • Honeywell WIFI Smart Thermostat w/Alexa – I bought two of these in 2015 when options were limited for WIFI SMART thermostats and Alexa was just starting to roll out. Since then, there are many brands a models. I still very much like our older model, and in a quick review, believe this model to compare favorably. I still do not like Nest, and Honeywell has since come out with Lyric and another model of SMART Thermostat that I feel are not as user friendly as this device. Honeywell has proven to be a good company in support, both product and app upgrades, and I would buy this exact model again. However, it is important to review your equipment needs, and review other online resources like a Consumer Report that may have put other units through hands on testing.
    • Solar NIMH Replacement Batteries – – These have been a good upgrade to the 2+ year old NIMH stock batteries that came with the lights.

Landworks 7 HP Wood Chipper

BHyve Smart Water Controller

  • If you your yard or plants get water when it rains, you need this. 
    • Orbit B-hyve 12-Zone Smart Indoor/Outdoor Controller on Amazon Buy it here: – This is the one I got…best value. It replace multiple 4 and 2 zone timer I had to run around and turn off if it was going to rain a lot. 
    • Orbit 57946 6-Zone B-hyve Smart Indoor/Outdoor  WiFi Controller – Buy it here: – great if you just see no additional expansion. I intend to buy this one as well.
  • See the developing details of my Small Farm Irrigation Tips

Personal Space Heater by DreoSpace Heater

Camera and Other Electronics

  • Apple iPad Keyboard and Case Solution –
  • Apple AirPods Pro – Buy it here: I am very pleased with the Apple AirPods Pro. Having had several Bluetooth Earbuds, the best part of these is they are just on. And, the ability to seamlessly move from phone to ipad, to even older phones around the house still in use, like an iPhone 8.
  • Eneloop Low Self Discharge Batteries
    • These are the ONLY batteries to buy. LSD Batteries have been around for a few years, with recent off name batteries emerging. You might save a few dollars on generic LSDs, but they will not last the same.
  • Phone Chargers
    • Yootech Wireless Charger Qi-Certified 10W Max Wireless Charging Stand  – Buy it here: – These have been a nice improvement to keeping phones charged.
  • Endoscope Dual-Lens, DEPSTECH 4.3″ IPS Screen Industrial Borescope – Buy it here: This is a pretty cool item that allows peering into places not even possible with a cell phone.
  • RV Hughes Autoformers PWD30-EPO Power Watchdog Smart Bluetooth Surge Protector Plus EPO with Auto Shutoff – 30 Amp Portable Version – Buy it here: – Hard to say much about this. It appears to work, and I am glad to have it. I wish it had a little more info in the app, but it does what it says it does.

Stuff NOT to buy: Here are few items I bought after a fair amount of research and comparison shopping, and decided against keeping and returning.

SUMMARY: Just buy it!! Except for the PENDING Review Section, if I have it listed on this page, or have a dedicated review page for a product, skip the review. YMMV, but I consider myself to be a pretty thorough shopper. I once had a friend buy a bed after seeing me arrive home with the same item. I said to the friend, “you aren’t going to shop around”? His reply was, “No, you already did that…and I trust you made a good decision.” He was correct. I had done a good bit of research for the purchase. I am not suggesting the following items are perfect, but you can bet I have researched the best I could the various options for each item. Note: as an Amazon Affiliate I may earn from qualifying purchases.