Irrigation Tips for Small Farms

Orbit B-Hyve Irrigation System

I’ll be posting videos and various tips to help with irrigation startup for small farms, specifically the Orbit B-Hyve with which I have been very pleased.

Last year, I upgraded to my current system…a B-Hyve 12 Zone System…and will be sharing it’s benefit, as well as some installation and setup tips.

  • Orbit B-hyve 12-Zone Smart Indoor/Outdoor Controller on Amazon Buy it here: – This is the one I got…best value. It replace multiple 4 and 2 zone timer I had to run around and turn off if it was going to rain a lot. 
  • Orbit 57946 6-Zone B-hyve Smart Indoor/Outdoor  WiFi Controller – Buy it here: – great if you just see no additional expansion. I intend to buy this one as well.

I will also be sharing some details of smaller, getting started system, as I have migrated from faucet timers, like these: – Orbit Programmable Hose Faucet Timer, 2 Outlet – Melnor Complete Yard Watering Kit 4 Zone Outlet





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