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Improving Cellphonetography with a Camera Tripod
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What is better than iPhone for photography? Two iphones.

However, if you are set on going beyond what your cell phone can do, read on and check out two options with their unique capabilities and other Photography Tips.

I am frequently asked “What camera should I buy?”. The answer depends on what you are going to be shooting. There are essentially three camera types to consider.

  1. Cell phone (I use two iPhones for OUTSTANDING captures every day) – Excellent for landscape and every day captures .
  2. Mirror-less View CameraBuy Nikon Z50 Kit – Small, lightweight compact camera – this is the future of cameras.
  3. DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) – Buy Nikon D5600 Kit – Best camera for live action.

About the only reason I would buy a DSLR would be for SPORTS, and wanting to get action shots of players on the field/court (your children for example). Although modern era, state-of-the-art mirror-less cameras will and can shoot sports, there is just something vastly different about a SLR and following/capturing action.

Another reason to consider a DLSR would be wildlife (birds, etc.) or events (weddings).

For Wildlife Photography, more of a case can be made to get either SLR or Mirror-less. The significant weight advantages of the mirror-less camera allow for toting a camera much more easily. As I am now in my 50s, this is a big deal to me, where as once toting multiple SLRs with long lenses was the norm, this is no longer practical. I can pack a mirror-less camera and long reaching lens much more easily. And if packing lite make the difference in taking a camera and even getting to the shot, then this is an essential consideration.

For Event Photography, like weddings, you should absolutely being considering a DSLR, even a midlevel model. This is not to deny that event photographers use ML, or even iphones, however, it is of my strong opinion, to do so would seriously limit your capabilities. I can certainly take great images with an iPhone, or ML, at a wedding, and if that is my only camera, then that will be great. But, if you are the PAID event photographer, you should spend the money to invest in the correct gear.

Why Nikon? Why these specific cameras? You might notice I recommended two specific Nikon cameras (Z50 and D5600).

First, why Nikon. The reason is simple…nearly 40 years of supporting Nikon with many of those years having taught photography. IMHO, Nikon has been easier to use and teach than say Canon. I have also taught/used numerous other brands. But I am also grateful that Nikon has been LOYAL to its customers. True to this day, vintage Nikon lenses will still work on new modern SLR bodies. There are some exceptions and restrictions, but older lenses will mount and work on new cameras. This may not seem important to many, but it is worth noting. For example, I have a 30 year old Nikon 800/5.6 Manual Focus lens. This is a RARE lens that I picked up many years ago in excellent condition that takes great images with any Nikon camera.

Second, why these two models. Photography is like any hobby…that can be very expensive. It is easy to get started with an entry level camera, that is easy to outgrow. But, if you get too high end, expensive of a camera that is too advanced, it will be easy to shut down and be turned off of photography because of the difficulty. Nikon makes numerous levels and feature sets of full size cameras: Entry, mid, high, prosumer, full-frame, pro and Mirrorless. The D5### series of camera represents mid-level and is an excellent starting place. Even if you out grow it, decide to go with a Full Frame FX camera, or turn pro and need a flagship camera in the future, the D5### will still serve as an excellent travel camera and/or 2nd camera.

The specific kits I recommended (either SLR or ML) is for the two (2) lens kit. It should be noted that the KIT lenses are entry level lenses. VOLUMES of info could be read on picking the right lens, and I would be remiss if I did not mention that you will easily outgrow these lenses. However, for simplicity and brevity on this page, these kit lens will give you great result, and very reasonable prices for a LONG time in your photography journey.

Check back here, and follow on YouTube, for more Photography Tips.

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