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Instructions, Suggestions and Important Notes for Print Orders:

Below are some of the more common questions and challenges people face when placing an order. Please do not hesitate to let me know of any questions you may have or if you need further clarification. :) 

Image Quality/Color: The images in each gallery may not be finalized for printing. Some images may require brightness and/or color adjustments, etc. which will be done after you place your order.

Ordering Prints: When you click on "Buy: this photo", the print is added to the cart, giving you the option of going back to the gallery, or moving on to the cart. Using "multiple photos" is a quicker way of adding a bunch of images. When you are done ordering, click "on to cart" or "view cart" where you will have the option to set the size and quantity of that size. If you want multiple sizes of the same print, click "duplicate". Then you can order enlargements of the same image. Recommendation: Trying to decide on what all to order can take some time. Ordering one 4x6 of each image is probably over kill (all though I have had people do just that). Rather then trying to make all of your decisions right away, I recommend ordering a few enlargements of your obvious favorites. And then, as you have time, order your 4x6s for different albums, i.e. for yourself, mom, bridesmaids, etc.

Cropping: Some features, such as cropping, are available directly to you and NEEDS to be completed as you place your order. This is particularly important when printing enlargements. In other words, please "adjust" the crop for any enlargements (5x7 and larger) AFTER you have placed the print in your cart. You may ALSO crop in on a 4x6...but it is unnecessary unless you want to change the original composition.

Special Print Requests: If you have specific edit requests, such as printing as a Black & White or custom editing (i.e. airbrushing facial blemishes, redeye removal, custom vignettes) for any enlargements, see the FAQ below. Some requests need to be emailed to me at prior to placing your order so that I may upload the modified image from which you may order. 

Downloads: If you would like to download a file to your computer, be sure to use the link "Save Photo" in the pop-up just under the photo (when you place the mouse over a picture) to get the highest res file online. Be sure to NOT just right click on the photo as you will only get the screen res file downloaded.

Higher Resolution Files: This mainly affects wedding galleries prior to May 2007. All weddings since May 2007 have full res files on-line so you should be able to order the largest print possible at SmugMug. If you need a higher resolution file than what downloads with "Save Photo" or need to print LARGER than 12x18 but the print size isn't showing, let me know at: and I will upload the full res file.



Can I order  black and white? Any digital photo can be converted to B&W. So, for any picture you want as B&W, just let me know via email, and I will create a black and white and upload it right next to the color version from which you can order just like the color version.

Can I order  a print with a white vignette? Can combine this...or take out a person? Lots of things can be done with Photoshop. Some things can be pretty complicated and my incur a processing charge...although my top wedding package includes custom editing, so just ask. Just be sure to ask BEFORE ordering as I will need to upload a NEW file so as to not affect the original for others to order an unmodified image.

Can you fix the pimple on my nose? Can you take out the exit sign sticking out of my head? Etc. Generally this will be done automatically for any enlargements. If you have a freckle or a mole that you do NOT want remove and/or softened, please let me know. Flash makes some facial features stand out more. So, as a general procedure, for any enlargements (usually 8x10, but sometimes 5x7) depending on face size, I will soften or remove objects.

Why is that when I set the crop on an 8x10, I am loosing some of the image...but no crop results in white bars? 35mm Film and Digital Photography use an image size that is proportional to a 4"x6" print. Unfortunately, there is no perfect solution. If I shoot for 8x10s, then the 4x6s will look poorly composed. Generally, I try to leave enough room on group photos so as to not crop out the people on the far left and/or right. Full length shots of the bridal dress are also tricky. To get the entire have to back out pretty far. Usually, I try to shoot some up close and some further away so that prints can be order of each for each different size. 5x7 requires a little cropping...and 8x10 requires a bit more. One possible solution is to order an 8x12. This will allow you to get 100% of the image. The only challenge then is finding a frame. There are more sources of the aspect ratio to match the digital cameras, but the majority of frames out there are still the traditional

This seems complicated...can we just order our prints directly from you? As of 6/1/06, all print orders are submitted over the Internet directly to the professional print lab of providing you with the convenience of website ordering so you can start receiving pictures right away at the same low Internet pricing I would pay.  Previously, brides would have to get their entire order together, sometimes waiting on family to give the bride their order so the family member could get the couple’s discount pricing for placing the order together. With this new system (effective 6/1/06), you can place an order for 1-8x10 (for just $3.00) the day I post your pictures on the Internet…and then later, when you have more time, place an order for more prints, any time you want. You can also order photo gifts, have more control over the exact cropping of an image, and have a wider variety of print surfaces such as matte, lustre, or glossy (I recommend matte) as well as many print sizes. In addition, Smugmug offers a very reasonable First Class Mail option that does not penalize you for ordering small quantities of prints. And you can use a credit card. And lastly, your family and friends will have the same ability and convenience of ordering at the same low print pricing. but don't'll get the hang of really is quite easy. Just start adding prints to you cart.

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